fkce2-final-28-august-2004.jpgCalendar of upcoming shared parenting events in Europe provided by the Father Knowledge Centre Europe with machine translations in several European languages ::

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Events coming up next

What is coming up next in Shared Parenting in Europe (EU):

  • Was erwartet uns nächstes in Shared Parenting in Europa (EU)
  • Calendre des evenements et actions – Ce qui est à venir dans le partage des responsabilités parentales en Europe (UE)
  • Che cosa sta venendo in su in Parenting comune (Unione Europea) – Qual è venuta in Shared Genitori (UE)
  • Qué está subiendo en Parenting compartido (la unión europea) – Lo que sea que surja en custodia et maternidad compartidas (UE)
  • Evenementen en actiekalender – Over wat er allemaal aan komt inzake gedeeld en gelijkwaardig ouderschap na scheiding binnen de Europese Unie
  • Αυτό που εμφανίζεται σε κοινό Parenting (Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση) – Τι ερχεται σε Shared Parenting (ΕΕ)
  • Vad är kommande upp i den delade barnuppfostran (Europeiska Union – EG)


1 Response to Calendar

  1. ChriS says:

    well done Peter, now all we need is for the parents to co-operate & co-ordinate (and join the International (ACTION planning) meet Antwerp august 15/18

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